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Best data entry job from students group of puducherry

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    hello friends,

    we are a group of students doing our graduation in puducherry. we unitedly started a outsourcing office called "kaizen outsourcing" reg under govt of India.

    "To provide best data entry jobs to peoples of India" is our goal. so we conducted statistical report on genuine money paying companies and found some really money paying companies. finally we got tie up with 3 genuine money paying company.

    for more details how to get the data entry jobs go to students group site of
    HTML projects, data entry projects, part time jobs, form filling, Website Designing

    hope those who needs data entry job will get satisfied
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    Your site is down. Are you charging any fees to get data entry jobs?

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    Thread opener is banned. Do not fall for such jobs. These people will ask you to send them money in name of registration and all and then stop replying to your calls or e-mails. Its a way of collecting money from stupid people who are desperate for jobs. I say stupid because who in their right mind would pay to get a job. You get paid for doing a job not vice versa.

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