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NetBSD a versatile BSD

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    Default NetBSD a versatile BSD

    This is another BSD 4.4 based OS. It is much better in interface than FreeBSD and OpenBSD but is least used BSD. Like all modern open source BSD it is compatible with linux using binary compatibility layer. Its use is more extensive from embedded systems to entreprise servers.

    OpenBSD forks from NetBSD. Unlike former it supports all hardware. Installation too is not damn difficult for me. Installation is through ports which is a little same as portage in gentoo. It is I think second most secure OS in the world ( about OpenBSD no one has any doubt). Its bootmanager is Xen compatible and probably it gives the best performance for Xen in all Oses.
    Its file systems is ZFS same as solaris. It nearly supports all of the Linux and Mac OS file systems. Even then its adoption is pretty limited. Generally in embedded systems and data centers having network stacks. It can be used as desktop OS also.

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    ZFS is not the default filesystem of NetBSD IIRC. It's UFS.

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    While FreeBSD and Linux are hard to shake, I gave NetBSD a glance recently and found some serious problems that not only made me secure in my choice to stay with FreeBSD and Linux, but also compelled me to write this mini-review of NetBSD.

    I'm a Unix guy and have been since the mid-Nineties, when Linux was taking off and BSD was shaking off its lawsuits. I currently use FreeBSD on our servers in our local library system and we have Linux desktops light end-use, and I use a highly-tweaked FreeBSD installation at home. Every few years I feel I owe it to myself to do a high-level reevaluation of my unices of choice and see if the market hasn't shifted to produce something better for what I do so that our library can serve its users better.