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Windows Live Mail problem

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    Default Windows Live Mail problem

    I'm having trouble with Windows Live Mail. I can receive messages, but I cannot send them out for some reason. I have two accounts. One is with Fullchannel and the other is Gmail. I can send and receive with no problem with Full channel, but just receive with Gmail. Any Suggestions?

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    Confirm FullChannel is ISP in England.
    Most ISP's in India normally allow Incoming email only with many ID's but restrict sending only with their own id for example abcd allows on special monthly charges additional Rs 50/= PM for each other email ID to use in their BB connection.
    (Exception for GmailID).
    Windows Live mail will work on O/E or Outlook ( with HotmailID etc )
    You have not mentioned the email client used.
    You may try eprompter from ePrompter Free eMail Notification Software
    You can send and receive with multiple IDs (upto 12) Mail sent is not stored and better to send as BCC to your own ISP.ID ( yahoo mail may not work )

    TRy for Gmail :
    smtp PORT for gmail is 465.
    incoming POP3 PORT 995.

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