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Android VS iOS

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    Default Android VS iOS

    The OS market divides itself into two major competitors, mainly- Android and iOS, of which both are equally determined to rule. No matter what operating system your device works on, the opposite team always seems to hate it, just for the sake of not being the same OS as theirs. So in such a dilemma, here are a few valid pointers for both the Jelly Bean and iOS 6, to keep the confusion at bay for you, while youíre out making your call.
    Applications & Gaming
    Everyone is familiar with the fact that apps and games come first to iOS, and then are made for Android models. Well, thereís a reason behind it, in fact two:
    ∑ First of all, Android requires hardware fragmentation, which means that most of the storeís software supports only a certain number of devices, while the rest face compatibility issues or endless bugs; all of which turns the developersí task into hours of tedious effort.
    ∑ Second, according to surveys, more iOS users are willing to pay for their apps as compared to the two-thirds of free-app users in Android. Also, itís noticeable that Androidís lack of restrictions causes the quality of games to deteriorate, in comparison to the refined AppStore.
    On the other hand, Google Maps stand as a clear winner against not-always-working Apple Maps. With over 7000 dedicated employees, everything is much more sophisticated in Google maps, from turn-by-turn navigating to features such as walking directions, public transport, and so on.

    User Interface
    Android brought to the world the concepts of notification-drawer and cloud integration, which were soon enough followed by Apple, to give a neck-to-neck competition in the market. While Jelly Bean offers you expanded email notifications and wireless, synched cloud for your data, the iCloud is great too, to use.
    Then there are the magnificent Siri and Googleís voice search that work equally well in what they do. Itís your call, whether to pick the well-suited voice control on Google thanks to Android, or go for the Siri-launched apps and Siri-updates on Facebook and Twitter.

    Customizing Your Phone
    Here are two distinct things that give points to both the iOS and Android separately:
    ∑ Android takes the crown when it comes to its deep-rooted customizing features that make all the little changes matter, such as personalizing the deviceís default mail-app, keyboard or launcher, allowing widgets on the home-screen and setting dynamic wallpapers. iOS lags in all of these.
    ∑ Now itís Appleís turn. For the major part of the population, Androidís biggest drawback remains the bloatware applications that you just canít get rid of, such as Stocks or News. Even though the Nexus class phones allow most of the apps to be uninstalled, theyíre still way behind the iOS.
    ∑ For those who arenít tech-freaks, panel customizations can really be inconvenient in Andoid, as compared to the complete experience provided by Apple devices.
    Android obviously has much more variety to choose from, from budget to high-end devices, from large to humungous all shapes, colors and sizes! On the other hand, there isnít much beyond the iPhone 5, besides the iPad.
    Apple programmed its firmware in a manner that made it completely compatible to the camera, giving it its critical control over the hardware, unlike Android, lagging in definitions of this level.
    Much affected by the fragmentation and complexity of design, the way Jelly Bean operates on one device differs from that on an older version, leading to the conclusion that you either stay happy with what you have or keep changing your phone periodically to keep up with the forever-altering trend. In contrast to this, the iOS 6ís experience doesnít vary, much; remains almost consistent.
    Actual Testing
    A lot of research and effort was made to figure out this mystery, a lot of testing was done for the same. With people made to operate both OS devices for a similar task, results showed that a few points here and there, the user interface remained equally accessible for users in both the cases.
    On analyzing, it became easier to understand that the main debate lies in the deviceís hardware. Though again, thereís much debate about which hardware is better, itís safe to say that Apple offers all of its hardware in a well-designed and high quality fashion, whereas in Android, the variety available in the market can lead you to either a disaster or contentment, maybe even somewhere in between.
    Upgrading Your OS
    In this section, you totally have to give it to Apple, for keeping its upgrades available to every device and maintaining this stand throughout the years, unlike Android where the Jelly Bean is functional only in the Nexus-class. The promising Ď18-month upgrade availability after purchaseí statement, made at the I/O event by the Android team went in vain, it seems. Statistics show that till date only about 2% of Android users use the so-much-so-for amazing Jelly Bean upgrade. On the other hand, just about every Apple device is good as new when updates are launched, because those updates are open to everyone.
    Thereís a lot that the world is yet to see in the technological aspect, however concluding that a particular OS is better isnít fair. Today, both Android and iOS have established a position where theyíd probably do the best if they teamed up. Well letís just hope they at least take a note for the spaces of improvement!
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    thanks for sharing information..

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