´╗┐BEIJING, April 12, the Ministry of Health held a regular press conference today. Fu Wei, Ministry of Health maternal and child health and community health, deputy director of the Academy of Sciences of the more than 30 joint boycott of tobacco PARTICIPATING Technology Award pointed out that any "low hazard" of tobacco products can reduce or reduce tobacco on human health hazards. The so-called "low hazard" tobacco products, research projects, should not participate in the selection of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Song Shuli, Ministry of Health press office spokesman, said that the tobacco control issues, the attitude of the Ministry of Health is consistent and clear. 2011 Ministry of Health issued a "public places, Health Management Implementation Rules. During the two sessions this year, Chen Zhu, Minister Huang Jiefu, vice minister of repeatedly answered reporters questions, and show that to avoid the dangers of tobacco on human health, the only way is non-smoking, rather than using other methods of harm reduction. Fu Wei, Deputy Director, Maternal and Child Health and Community Health, Ministry of Health, the attitude of the Ministry of Health on tobacco control issues is very clear, our country signed in 2003, the World Health Organization FCTC, the Convention from 2006 came into effect in January. By signing the Convention that the Chinese Government has solemnly promised the international community, will earnestly fulfill the requirements of the Convention. The main goal of the Convention is to reduce tobacco use and consumption, to avoid exposure to tobacco smoke, to protect public health. This is the main purpose of the Convention. He said that any promotion of the use of tobacco products and consumer behavior is inconsistent with the spirit of the Convention ". Many domestic and foreign scientific research shows that serious harm to human health, tobacco use, and any "low hazard" of tobacco products can reduce or reduce the health hazards of tobacco on the human body. At the same time, China Science and Technology Progress Law and the National Science and Technology Awards Ordinance Rules and other laws and regulations clearly define, prohibit the development and application of endangering national security, harm the public interest, harm to human health, in violation of the ethics of scientific and technological research . Therefore, we believe that the so-called "low harm" tobacco products, research projects should not participate in the selection of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. This attitude is quite clear. Jiang Yuan, deputy director of Chinese Center for Disease Control Tobacco Control Office also pointed out that the same with the international tobacco control, tobacco found, is the tar on the human body is very harmful tar can cause lung cancer, in the 1970s and 1980s was a lot of tobacco to take measures to tar solution harm , such as the production of a mint smoke, but regardless of BEIJING, April 12 electric Ministry of Health maternal and child health and community health, deputy director of Fu Wei pointed out in the Health Ministrys regular press conference that the capital investment and usage of public health have to undergo third party testing and evaluation of health reform major projects are layers to sign a liability form. Fu Wei invested in answering a reporters public health usage have not been related to monitoring and evaluation and other issues, said, before the implementation of major projects, taking fully into account this problem, how to make a lot of input and effectively exert its effect. Fu Wei said it has commissioned a third party evaluation study. The effectiveness of the health reform three years to get drawn on the basis of a comprehensive summary of the assessment of the three-year health care reform. Fu Wei said the entire project implementation process, in order to better strengthen the management of the project, the Ministry of Health Ministry to take a series of measures, including a clear health care reform a major special responsibility, signed their responsibility like, put forward a clear mission, goals requirements. Fu Wei pointed out that the project to promote the process, the Ministry of Health, Maternal and Child Health and Community Health Division for major projects, a series of management practices, systems and requirements each year to carry out the project steering, strengthen guidance for each special set up to monitor and statistical reporting system, implementation of the project the effects of dynamic monitoring and medical reform, major projects are one of the medical reform monitoring. Through the efforts of three years, four women and children a major public health services has been completed the mission and goals of health reform, which also became a doctor to change the monitoring results have been confirmed.