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howto setup wifi router for cable internet

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    Default howto setup wifi router for cable internet

    i have local cable internet connection which connects directly to my lappy rj45 connector. the cable wala give me a static ip address with all details. its 24online. so everything is static. they also provide a software to install and connect using that. i have recently bought a d-link 2640T wifi+modem+router. what i want is, if it possible....

    connect that 24online's rj45 to my wifi router (it has 4 rj45) so that i can connect to internet through 24online wirelessly. got the idea. so i need to know how do i setup my router for that.

    thx for ur help

    its next day

    wala, now i can connect to the internet.
    the d-link 2640t has 1 power+1 rj11(adsl)+4 rj45 ports. now i can connect to the internet, but the router page not showing when i try to connect (default LAN ip or router). my conf as follows .........

    router wan ip: 172.x.x.19 (self given)
    subnetmask: (provided by isp)
    gateway: 172.x.x.1 (provided by isp)
    dns: 172.x.x.1 (provided by isp)

    router lan ip: (default)
    subnetmask: (default)

    my laptop ip: 172.x.x.5 ( provided by iap)
    subnetmask: (provided by isp)
    gateway: 172.x.x.1 (provided by isp)
    dns: 172.x.x.1 (provided by isp)

    the problem is that whenever i try to connect to router conf page it says "(110) Connection timed out". i also disable the router's dhcp option. now i can connect to the internet but i cant access my d-link router's conf webpage.

    plz help.
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    I also want to do something similar to what gmg9 is describing here.

    I have a cable internet connected to my PC. Now I want to setup a Wifi from this connection such that I can access internet on my wifi enabled mobile without the need of turning my PC on everytime

    Now, I am not familiar with how to setup a Wifi or what are wifi devices, but I would like to know that if I purchase a Wifi adapter, can I setup a Wifi directly from cable connection and Wifi Device such that I can access internet on mobile without turning PC on everytime?? I am familiar with setting up networks and all... so if some1 can help me with this thing, I would be grateful....

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    Exclamation need help in setting of bsnl's dna-a211-l for ls broadband

    i'm a resident of hyderabad a.p.i'm using L.S broadband of 512 kbps using 24 online service,i need help for configuring dna-a211-l modem for it n i am almost at it but i don't know vci vpi numbers for ls broadband
    if i were succesful in doing so,should i have to turn on mypc an login in 24 online client,to browse net on my wi-fi enabled mobile?or not?
    thanks for reply

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    got exactly the same query as Yashved - can I setup a Wifi directly from cable connection and Wifi Device such that I can access internet on mobile without turning PC on every time can someone confirm this plzz? thanks in advance.

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    Check guides by @just4Kix
    Forum "broadband How to ......"
    for connecting Wifi router, with Adsl modem in "Dialup" mode.

    Mention cable modem details model/make/number , if supplied /used,
    whether can access settings.

    2. DNA -A212-I. ( all 3 in one models )
    You can connect the Rj45 cable from ISP or from cable modem to
    LAN1 and then try.Lan 2 to computer ( desktop) .& wifi laptop etc.

    Select "MER" option in wan page. rest all default values.
    for each link 0_32/ 0_35 ( total eight links normally available in "Bridged' mode )
    Feedback please.
    WAN/Internet port available in wifi routers such as NetgearWGR614 V9.

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    Default New WiFi Router to be configured for Internet Connection through a Lanwire Cable

    Hello mates,

    I have Internet connection of Nivyah Broadband. This Service is provided through a Lanwire. Usually Wifi modems and routers have inlet for DSL i.e for connections through a Phone line or dial up connection. So i would like your help in the case that which router/modem should i buy, so that i can connect the Lanwire cable to access internet via Lan on my Pc and via Wifi on my mobile.

    Also, i borrowed my cousin's Wifi modem to check whether i get connectivity on my cell. But there was no connectivity i don't know why. The router/modem was of BSNL. I connected the lanwire cable in the outlet provided for Lan and inserted other lanwire (to be connected to the pc) in other slot of outlet, Lan3. The internet got connected on my pc, but could not get access on mobile through wifi. Also, it showed connected to BSNL_AP on my cell, but later it was showing Obtaining Ip all the time.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank You very much!

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    Default Nivyah Broadband. wifi mode

    cousin's Wifi modem
    mention make/model/number.
    The router/modem was of BSNL
    give details as above.

    If you just get a RJ45 connection from Cable ISP,
    try a a Standalone WIFI router
    ( example Netgear wgr614v9) and select Dynamic IP Enable DHCP.
    connect as usual lan 1 to lan2 desktop . confirm internet works.
    Wifi also will work.
    Connecting /using 3-in 1 models without WAN(RJ45 input) depends on the model selected , and may not be successful for most models.
    More "Gyan" here !


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