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Beam Telecom Broadband

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    Default Beam Telecom Broadband

    Beam Telecom is another but not that popular or known broadband provider in the Indian market.
    One of the differences in Beam Telecom Broadband is that it is designed with fiber optics, which is managed with a 3000km optical ring which gives high speed connectivity and the most important thing is you get reliable connectivity.
    There are other broadband technologies which use cable modem, ADSL and so on, but with fiber optics they are brought into the building, which can give limitless bandwidth, without any interruptions.
    The great news is that fiber optics is the most advanced in technology for data transmission.

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    Do they lay fiber until ur doorstep and then CAT?

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    in us its normally till outside ur house i dont know about India

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    Yes fiber till doorstep and then RJ45 jack

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