Local Cable Internet Providers are providing cable internet only by a RJ45 line without any router. But, I have a gaming console of Microsoft , i.e., Microsoft XBOX 360. This thing can only be connected to the internet by using ADSL router ,Wireless or Modem Connection .

But I have a Local Cable Connection

Have a look at these connection types ( Copy and paste the link in browser ) : support.xbox.com/support/en/us/nxe/xboxlive/getconnected/hcxl/getstarted.aspx

I think the Modem connection is Cable Modem Connection.

Please go by detail of that site and suggest me to connect it by the appropriate way .

You tube Video : youtube.com/watch?v=J-IvrMW4DrE

See the video for ur convenience

I just need a modem/router for my XBOX 360 because whenever I try to connect , it asks me for the user name and password , and I give my 24 ONLINE client , but it does not recognise.

or Is there any other way to connect my XBOX 360 with my Local Cable Internet ? Please Help me...... !