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Netgear WGR614 router and cable internet

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    Default Netgear WGR614 router and cable internet

    Hello all,

    I am stuck with netgear router. I have a cable connection which supports PPPoE login. This login gives me dynamic IP and DNS server. There is no MAC address restriction on connection.

    Now the problem is that router does not connect to the service provider and always shows me yellow light on internet indicator. It has taken all the settings from computer like connection type, etc but always shows yellow light.

    I can check that wireless setting is working fine and connection between computer and router is fine.

    But why it is not working with the internet cable? Does any body has any idea. infect my cable guy also failed to understand this!!

    Any kind of help is appreciated.

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    please use the info given below exactly as mentioned and it will work 100%..

    1) Disconnect the modem from the router and connect the computer directly into one of the LAN port of the router. You should be getting only power and LAN port (ie. number)light on the router. Please try to reset the router by pressing the reset button (small button inside a circular hole) on the backside of the router for 20 seconds and then release it. Powercycle the unit.
    2) Open the browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape).
    3) Access the router using
    4) Login to the router (User Name = admin Password = password unless you have changed it).
    5) Under LAN IP Setup (under the Advanced option)change the IP address of the router from to, the starting ip address will be and ending ip address will be
    6) Click on Apply to save the changes and then you will get the error message as "Action Cancelled" or "Page cannot be displayed".
    7) Powercycle the router.
    8) Now connect the modem into the internet port of the router.
    9) Open the browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape).
    10) Access the router (usually
    11) Login to the router (User Name = admin Password = password unless you have changed it).
    12) Click on Setup Wizard and then select "Yes" and Click "Next" on the detection window.
    13) It should give you a "PPPoE Detected" and then click next
    14) Then under login and password type in your login/password for your DSL account (the user name should be full like user@....) and click Apply.
    15) Click on Test to test the internet connection.

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    The Netgear Router (WGA614) is a plain router and does not have a built in modem. Do the following:

    a) Connect your cable modem and configure it in bridge mode.
    b) Follow the steps above.

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    Thanks iceman1981 for the detailed steps. I am away from the computer but I will surely try the steps and post the status.

    just4kix you are right it is just a router but can you please explain what is bridge mode and how can I do that.

    Thanks again.

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    i have local cable internet connection which connects directly to my lappy rj45 connector. the cable wala give me a static ip address with all details. its 24online and dont support pppoe i guess. so everything is static. they also provide a software to install and connect using that. i have recently bought a d-link 2640T wifi+modem+router. what i want is, if it possible....

    connect that 24online's rj45 to my wifi router (it has 4 rj45) so that i can connect to internet through 24online wirelessly. got the idea. so i need to know how do i setup my router for that.

    thx for ur help

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