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Asianet ADSL broadband connection i at risk ?

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    Default Asianet ADSL broadband connection i at risk ?

    Hi am in trivandrum for about 10 days and i have this Asianet Broadband connection at Home which was not used since july of this year as i stay in B'lore. Now afte turning on the PC and browsing for a while the connection slows down and goes almost dead like, I called up the help desk, a unusual upstream was detected and the helpline guys asked me to do a clean install of the OS and update the antivirus. I made a clean install of the OS and updated my NAV 2005 with the latest definations, still the same thing. One thing i noted down was the constant activity light on my Motorolas sb4200 cable modem. I again did a clean install and installed Zonealarm , belive it or not there were over 258 intrusions detected within 30 mins with almost not internet activity from my side( ie:- no messengers, did not start the browser or my filesharing client) I called up the helpdesk to report the matter , their reply was that it can be a virus Confused now forget the technical capabilites of the personnel over there i asked them if they have a basic firewall feature built at their end, The answer was to write letter to the complaints dept., wow that was fast Surprised

    Newayz as am typing this down the total number of intrusions detected which are rated of medium risk by Zone alarm are 1297 Shocked , pretty nice figure for one whole day of interne activity huh Wink

    So for all those who are planning to take or use the Asiabnet service make sure the your OS is update dwith the latest service pack and have the built in firewall turned on, for operating systems like 98, ME, 2k users will have to use something like Zonealarm or Sygate.

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    Try using a good anti-spyware like . Run the trial version on your computer. It may free up all those upstreams. Cheers!

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    U might be having alot of trojans on ur comp.
    try checking which processes are running by presiing alt+ctrl+del
    and terminate any suspicous process u see which is using alot of RAM

    also try clearing all the Temp. files in ur browsers temp. folder

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    Asianet is not providing any DSL connection. they providing broadband over co-axial cable. Note this is a shared service. speed may decreased when the users are increased.

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