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Service providers in Goa

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    Arrow Service providers in Goa


    I'm about to move to Goa, probably to somewhere close to Anjuna, to live and work there (I work for a Turkish company tha have an office in Mapusa). I'll get connected at the office, but I want to stay connected at home, also, specially to talk to my family, which live in Brazil. So, I need a broadband connection that supports VoIP (I already have a Brazilian SIP provider to talk to them).

    Which companies that cover that area do you recomend? Any concerns about some companies?

    Thank's a lot if anybody can answer me, it'll help me a lot. I promess to keep you update with service quality, to help future users from that area, as soon as I get connected there.

    Rico Tolomelli

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    Default Query about broadband in Goa

    Ola Rico, como esta?

    BSNL broadband works fine for me, I'm in Saligao village. Done Skype on it too. Some villages have broadband, while others are still awaiting it.

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    Default BSNL Broadband in Goa

    Most of your queries are answered here.

    http: //bsnl. in/

    remove spaces, and then click on dataone

    Temp. broadband is also available

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