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BOTS are need for CRYSIS and FAR CRY 2 for multiplayer maps

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    Default BOTS are need for CRYSIS and FAR CRY 2 for multiplayer maps

    i need bots to be added on maps for fra cry 2 and crysis is there any bot mod available or can anybody help develop it ???? i am in reall need of one of these bots as i cant go online gaming seriously getting kcked bcoz of bsnl internet conn and highest oings say 200 - 300 pings

    also any way to redce pings to 150 or low that would be gr8 please help

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    Get a Reliance bb connection...they have very low pings, or so I have heard

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    There is no AI in farcry 2 maps so no possibility of bots .... Only hope for you would be to host a server and play with your friends

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