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wow india server

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    Default wow india server

    {If this is agains the rule do let us know}
    Good News to all WOW Lovers from India

    TT-games has opened its first indian wow server

    Come Join now

    Check the TT-WOW server

    Sever Name : TT-WOW
    Xp rate:1x
    Drop rate :1x

    Its 3.0.9 version.
    About to launch 3.1.3 version
    Its a Indian server
    With all indian Players
    Server is located in india
    u can check the ping for latency
    ping -t

    change ur realm list to

    For registration go to
    Indian server 1x for indian players

    Join now

    Server Specifications
    RAM: 8GB
    Processor Speed: 2.8 x4 (quad core)
    Connection: 100.0 MBit
    Hosting Location: India, Asia

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    I am not getting what you want to explain.

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    no offense, but the only thing i like in wow is the pvp especially battlegrounds. Apart from that there is nothing more... you just level up to the max. level then go to the only a handful of high level raids with other people where players fight like immature children over some gears (inspite of the fact that they go to the same raids everyday) and this goes on until you get bored.

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    u can spend a lot of time on these games.

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    Thumbs down too low

    isnt 100MBps server like too low?

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    best of all time is CS

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    I play wow and am a big fan of it !

    Previously used to play it in scapegaming and now looking for new server. dude i already treied TT games . . .sorry but u need to clear out a lot of bugs ! just pm me if any modifications have been done to it !~

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