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Play Left 4 Dead Offline

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    Arrow Play Left 4 Dead Offline

    If you like Left 4 Dead and can't play offline, you are on the right thread..........................

    how i tried for it?

    When I installed left 4 dead and launched it, a dialog box appeared for signing in......
    at that time, my PC was internet free(without internet) and i tried many ways to play it.
    At last i was thinking a new way and i found it(on my own). You will not find anything if you google it too. So the best way is to view this thread.

    The Trick

    You will see the shortcut for Left 4 dead on your desktop. Right click on it and Click properties. Now click on the Text field in front of the Text Target.
    It should be like this:
    Target "C:\Program Files\Valve\Left 4 dead\steamapps\common\left4dead\left4dead.exe"
    Change it like this:
    "C:\Program Files\Valve\Left 4 dead\steamapps\common\left4dead\left4dead.exe" -nosteam

    After doing that, click ok and launch the game. A dialog box will appear to sign in, Ignore it.
    Launch the game again and yes..... you can play the game in single player mode.
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    Now the new crack can do this without doing any thing by us.

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