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Looking up for Game Webmasters

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    Default Looking up for Game Webmasters

    Hi there Gamers,

    I host a Toplist specially for Games and gamesites, its pretty new and i believe there are game webmasters here who won and host Game and gaming related sites.

    Here is the link to the Toplist:
    All i wanna ask is to add your gamesites in the toplist and the rest you will know what to do upon registration ...

    If you visit the list you will know more about it than i explain about it here

    I hope you will do so.

    Looking forward for the addition of gamesites soon...

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    Take out web and you will find me.... Game master

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    Nice Admin, your Typos, i felt pissed offf....
    " Submission failed because Your Signature is limited to 60 characters" and how in the world can i put it when my Siggy never exceeds 14 - 20 characters
    even i put 1 word nor a number i get the above damn error WTF??? are you joking or you don't want anybody to have Siggy in the this forum???

    ----Parminder Bhai [AKA] Admin, kya aapka kopdi main kalbali mach gaya hai kya? ya kuch Chemical Locha-vocha... thodi tho forums ke purane members ko tho daya dikavo ya apni beja ko kisi se check karao

    After all tries that's what i understood....

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