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Steam for pc games? reviews anyone?

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    Default Steam for pc games? reviews anyone?

    I just came across steam that lets you download the games instead of buying a cd from the shop and you can play those games which you pay for using steam. Some of the pc games companies also mention steam as their official resellers...

    I was wondering if anyone on our forum uses steam and what is their experience like with steam.

    I would also appreciate if you can suggest other alternatives like direct to drive and all... where they let you download the game online.

    I would love to hear from hardcore gamers

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    I have used Steam to play Counter-strike. It's really good. They also maintain good statistics like the Hardware and Software platforms used by gamers across the world. Hence, you can analyze the latest trend among the gamers and keep yourself abreast of the new technologies.
    However, the downside is that Steam wasn't offering any strategy games during that time. (They may be doing it now)

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    I used steam recently and games are like Direct ot drive, just pay and u can download the full version of the game and updates are shown when it is available and i downloaded a Demo version of a game from ubisoft which was free and i played with some friends on my steam account...

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    I have used it for 3 years and its quite good though they vac-banned my 2 cs acc but i got another one but not hacking now lol.

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