Have you ever wondered why the latest installments of Fable or Dante’s inferno never got released on your friendly neighborhood PC?

Fable was a big hit on PC but Fable 2 remained a 360 exclusive

The next-gen consoles come with a resource munching power streak, the same numbers on a PC means a nifty high end processor with Sli-PCI cards. The cost of such an ensemble will be heavy on any gamer. Although in the long run this isn’t an issue as majority of us gamers have already upgraded our drones. The question is then why big game companies refraining from PC releases.

Halo & Halo 2 had a PC release but Halo 3 never took the fight to PC

Companies like Sony Entertainment are excused from the PC horde on the sole basis because they have a market of their own giant PlayStation 3. So for them to release a PC title will be a big blunder. Then again the other giant XBOX360 by Microsoft used to have titles which were present for PC too under the banner Games for Windows. But after Halo3 and Age of Empires there have been no PC release. The market of Gears of War 1 for PC was substantial boasting sales of 2 million copies. So why was Gears of War 2 a 360 exclusive. Many an experts can say that it is a marketing strategy of Microsoft. What with Halo franchise all but over they needed a solid game series to keep people glued to their 360’s. But this should not have stopped them from releasing a title exclusively for Windows 7 much like they released Halo 2 exclusively for Windows Vista.

Priced at $59.99 the game still managed to rake in over a million copies sale

According to me the problem is in the way we look at PC games. The good titles come with a hefty price tag of around $39.99 to $49.99. Such an amount comes in a range of say Rs 2250 to Rs 3000 and compare that to getting the same title for Rs 40 or better just downloading it from the internet. What is an average Joe to do? On an average a game company loses in millions each time it releases any game on PC. The loss is not direct as it doesn’t hurt them as they never actually made a sale for the pirated game. Back here in India we haven’t missed out on any of the titles of late. Be it Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to Mass Effect 2. But if we check the actual sales of copies, the numbers will be very low.

The root of all good and evil things, INTERNET. With a high speed broadband comes the capability of high speed downloads. I will cite my own case back when I lived in Lucknow I had a connection of Airtel Broadband and boy it was slow. With a maximum speed of 40 Kbps I had the luxury of downloading only songs and short video clips. Had to buy games from the local pirate shop. The cost of each CD was Rs 40. I remember that a bloody Reliance Web World employ sold me a copy of GTA San Andreas for Rs 500 on the pretext of it being an original version. I was fooled cause he gave me the copy within a day of its release. After coming to my college in Ghaziabad I got aquinted with speeds of 1.5 to 2 Mbps and a magical storage site called mediafire.com. Thus began my quest for downloading everything worth keeping. Right from serials to games. My hard drive exploded from 40 Gb to 1.5 Tb currently.

The biggest gaming grid earner since 2005

Looking at my example I can safely say that piracy is the reason why industries are averse from swimming in PC waters with their titles. The market of PC is flooded by MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Everquest 2, etc. This is the case as to play on such games you will have to register and pay to the developers. These games run on servers managed by developers and each player is tracked. Out of necessity rises to rescue the Internet. People around the world have created dedicated private servers placed in countries where copyright laws are volatile. One can easily connect to afore mentioned servers to play for free. But in cases like these the profit is way more than loss.

Probably one of the best game of all time, PC gamers had to wait for over 6 months to get a PC release

Only recently Ubisoft Montreal Studios creators of title like Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia found an innovative way of releasing PC titles. They made it impossible to play their games without first registering online and adding features that were effective only while playing connected. They even delayed the release of Assassin’s Creed 2 until their servers were fine tuned. They queried that almost every gamer around the world is connected online so they were making no loss by making their titles go online. With titles like there they never look at a loss anyways. But Skidrow the God of all coders and hackers found a way around it. With successful offline working cracks for UbMontreal’s latest installments the future of PC Gaming is clouded.

Lets face it we are addicted atleast I am. With great power comes great responsibility. Our power is the speed of our connections and if we are not responsible with the data online, then eventually PC gaming will be left to point and scroll games or MMO’s only. But as a sinner shouldn’t preach. So who am I to chant.