HP outshipped all other major vendors in the worldwide server market for the 18th consecutive quarter, according to third quarter 2006 figures released today by IDC. HP surpassed market growth in the worldwide blade server market, with 43.8 percent year-over-year factory revenue growth. HP also grew faster than the market in units shipped in blades and, with 35 percent revenue market share, had more than three times that of the third-ranked competitor.

In the high-performance computing market, HP was No. 1 in revenue, with a 34.5 percent market share, and outgrew the market in revenue and shipments. HP beat industry growth in revenues by nearly two times with 13.2 percent quarter-over-quarter growth, and it grew units shipped by 5.7 percent versus a virtually flat total market.

“The balanced performance in both units shipped and revenue illustrates HP’s continued strength across the board in the worldwide server market,” said Mark Hudson, vice president of marketing, Enterprise Storage and Servers, HP. “Customers can feel confident partnering with HP as we continue to demonstrate our value today and moving forward.”