hi guys
i recently switched from asianet broadband to Railwire in Trivandrum, kerala.
I just wanted to let you know about my awesome experience, My connection is the basic plan or 499 which gives me 1 Mbps connection speed(same as my old asianet) !! unlike asianet i get ordinary download speeds of 100 to 140 kbps standard!! torrenting was the worst part of asianet the MAXIMUM speed i got was about 100 kbps and hat too very unstable. but i have struck gold with railwire, with popular torrents (newly released ones) i am getting speeds upto 800kbps. this post was made so that people can understand that railwire has P2P enabled and i am just loving it!! well there are some downsides as some of the premium adult websites are not available . i don't know how but you'll get a 404 error while trying to access them... that's strange coz some torrent websites are also blocked but we get the message as "site blocked in compliance with dot guideline".. anyway not a big issue!!(Noting a VPN cant solve )... Thank you for your time!!