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Strange DHCP Issue!

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    Unhappy Strange DHCP Issue!

    Hi All,

    This is my first post in this thread, i took reliance Wimax in Kolkata as i am still getting BB Bill from BSNL which i had disconnected a year back & my TATA BB line was getting cut like 5 times in a month most probably by our local cable guys who want to sell there BB connection.

    I just wish i had read the posts about Relianc BB & WiMax here earlier & should have avoided taking the connection in the first place. Let me tell you my strange case as i am sure you guys can help.

    My SS/base station/antenna is installed on our terrace via a 60 mt cable & the signal is strongest the vendors who has installed has ever seen. The line lands in our open kitchen as my house in under renovation & gets terminated to the PoE & from there it goes into my Linksys WRT54G (ver 7) router which i have configured as you guys did, but it just cant obtain an IP from the DHCP, then i connected it to my laptop with same results & same with the Asus Eee PC the vendor had, i did some R&D & found out that it works just fine if i set my lan port to 10mbps full duplex but wont work if i leave it to auto or 100mbps, the same was the case with the vendors notebook.

    The customer support guys & technicians are a bunch of jokers & liars so will not comment on it much. They tried to resort to all kinds of tricks so that accept it like that but i will not. Two set of two engineers have speent two days in my home & today the senior most engineer in Kolkata is suppose to visit my home. I will update you guys on what happens next, can anyone has any idea as what is wrong with it?

    Moreover, after i updated my profile at the rel website, it has stopped taking my username & password, its 3 days & my password has still not been reset, i cant use the forget password feature as its not working. Any suggestions in this area will be great.

    I dream of a day when India will have high quality customer care & service industry.

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    Please ensure that the correct cabling is being used. Cross over or straight-through !!

    Also please do post what was the senior's explanation?

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    Default My Mail to diff dept in relaince!

    Dear Sir,

    I guess itís going to be quite a read by the time I am finished so to cut the long story short I am telling you the summary in the following points:

    1. Reliance WiMax Vendors are a bunch of idiots, my 10 year old nephew know better computers than they do, well I had interacted with four of them so I guess I have the right to form such an opinion.
    2. Reliance WiMax Customer Service is the worst customer service I have ever interacted with (trust me I know how bad customer service in India is across the board, but you guys take the cake hands down) they can just provide ticket number & false promise that you will receive a call in 24 hours which you never get.
    3. Reliance Technicians are liars & lethargic, the lesser said would be better (they can get away with the kind of lame excuses they make in the deep rural areas of Bihar & MP, so please send them there)
    4. Apart from being a customer I also happen to be a share holder in various ADAG companies, but as I am writing this mail, my broker is selling all my stock in your group companies as I have just lost all my faith, I know it will not mean much to you but itís my humble effort to make a difference & not part of being a unorganized organization.
    5. I am going to make my best effort to make this issue public & stop as many people I can from getting into your trap be it as an investor or as a customer, to begin with I have a team of 100 guys working under me & we have around 1500 students in our multimedia training division, all of them have mobile phones, landlines & internet connection, I will make sure than none of them us your services apart from it, we spend two lakh per month in communication expenditure, I will make sure that Reliance ADAG group donít receive a single penny of it.

    I already lost three working days while trying to get your connection & really donít feel like writing more, if you want to know the complete episode, I can just tell it once so make sure some responsible give me a call at XXXXXX & to know your side of story you can contact the following in your company but I doubt that they will tell you the right things.

    Mr. XXXXXXX (Support Delivery Head or something like that) The only thing he does is not pick the phone most of the time, if he picks up he says that I am calling back but never does, cannot co-ordinate to reset a password in five days, cannot arrange a engineer to visit my place in four days.

    Mr.XXXXX (support engineer) spoken to me over phone for 1.5 hours doing various things, said he can fix the DHCP issue remotely which was not letting me obtain an IP address in auto mode, than send vendors to replace my antenna, got three of them, curses the vendors that they only come to eat good food in the monthly training & vendors curse him that he was suppose to come to my place to look in the issue, when I asked him the same he told me with his bad sense of sarcasm that he never visits customer premises, while Mr. XXXXX excuses are that he is working at a customer premises where he may have to work whole night & he donít have anyone other than him. Wow! Just one tech guy who doesnít know anything about computers as I got a call that my line is ok & things work by manual settings only. First of all itís a lie & secondly if it was so then why you guys wasted my three days to set it up when it canít be done, you could have told me in the start.

    Well please update Mr.XXXXX & Mr. XXXXwith my profile, I never brag but I guess I should tell you guys my academic qualifications which gives me the right to dismiss them, here they are MBA (Marketing & Systems), B.Com, B.Sc (IT), CCNA, MCSE, Advance Diploma in Multimedia Applications, Diploma in Export & Import, PMP (Project Management Professional)

    Mr. XXXX & his team (Vendors) they seems to be over worked underpaid guys, who without having any computer expertise are in this field to earn a livelihood.

    Mr. XXXXX (Sales Executive or something like that) He has been a very co-operative guy thru out the entire process, infact we discussed about taking a 10mbps in one of our offices, he was that good but I guess that a pipe dream now, his only fault is selling me this stupid service when I am sure he must have known the kind of service you guys provide.

    I guess I have written more than enough to give a wakeup call, the ball is now in your park, I am going forward to take either TATA or Airtel BB at home.

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    Default Reply from Reliance

    Dear Sir

    At the onset I would like to apologize for the inconvenience and the harassment which you went through after taking the Broadband connection. I am sure you appreciate the fact that your problem was attended, but due to some unknown reason it could not be sorted out to your satisfaction. As the Sales manager of this organization I would request you to kindly give me another chance to rectify your problem. I am already taking up the matter with the concerned departments and I am sure we shall be able to solve your problem to the fullest possible level.

    With Regards
    Suraj Bhattacharjee
    Mob:- XXXXXXXX
    Saltlake CMP, Kolkata.

    He also called me up & a team will be visiting my home to rectify the issue..

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    Default Reliance Wimax Support/Customer Care is Not Bad

    I think you are badly misunderstanding the customer care of reliance broadband. Are you looking at the fact that they are sending technicians to solve your problem at your home?

    Don;t expect them to send senior level technicians to solve your problems. One of the important concepts of Wimax is that the user also has the burden to know details of Wimax type connection and try to solve the problem from all possible ways. Have you tried that?

    In my specific case, I got the connection physically but couldn;t get the reliance broadband login page. I called the customer service they were ready to help but are unable to find my problem. I almost lost 20 days without any connection but still had to pay the bill. So I had to solve this problem on my own partly because I realized not all can be blamed on these guys.

    One clue I had was that the connection worked when the guys who first installed at home, had actually checked on their laptop. They had even shown google and yahoo pages. So I had concluded that something is wrong with my computer or settings. There is nothing else that is different. So I looked for the problems I was facing on the internet vigorously. I tried hard to get the solution with different keywords.

    Finally I found one webpage where one person told to check the connection speed setting of the Local Area Connections. It must be 10Mbps. But in my computer it was 100Mbps. It should also be duplex. After changing it, the connection worked. That's it. After that I never got irritated with customer care. I learned to be patient and understand that they consider our problem.

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    Dear Fornls,

    I just saw that some has replied to my this very old post.. you had taken out time to defend reliance, i guess that deserve a reply from me.. Its nice to see someone defending the ISP for a change at this forum.. keep up the good work..

    Would just like to tell you that my connection also worked in 10mbps mode.. which was the main issue.. but i cannot run my LAN at 10 mbps as i have to access other computer in my home.. i have got three.. i hope you have tried moving 10gb data on a 10mps connection.. the worst part was everything worked just fine after just crimping the cables properly.. which was the issue they coudnt solve in 15 days..

    would just like to add that i have three rel wimax connection now.. they are used as backup when wireline gets down.. rel is always on.. thats a good thing about wimax..

    Recently reliance has stopped serving & many other sites.. so now we have to manually change the dns to google dns after login to access it.. i guess it speaks volumes about there service..

    i rest my case..

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