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Reliance DC++ Hubs in Mumbai

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    Question Reliance DC++ Hubs in Mumbai


    Yesterday I used DC++ for the first time. Shared some 30GB and got connected to a couple of them.

    I downloaded a couple of video clips. The speed was same as any regular internet download.

    My questions:

    1. What is the speed of download? Is it different for hubs in Mumbai and outside Mumbai?

    2. Is sharing absolutely safe? I mean can my PC be affected with virus if some affected PC downloads my files?

    3. What is the easiest way to find who are sharing in Mumbai?


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    can you share the hub list for Wimax reliance for bombay

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    is the best one we have at the moment, thanks to nida. i joined up yesterday, and get speeds of about 250-300 kbps in the node.

    it depends on location, the closer you are to others the faster it will be. it basically is a LAN type of connection.

    please dont post such nooB questions like 'will i get viruses' etc. if you are scared of downloading, go buy.

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    @ everyone

    nida hub u will get
    wired-wired. 5-10 MBPS
    wired-wimax.... 10-100KBPS
    wired-non-reliance internet speed of both

    P.S. B is bytes........

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