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    Thumbs up Reliance india call

    Reliance india call calling cards are available in three countries USA, Canada and UK.

    I will give you a brief description of the reliance india call available in USA

    Reliance India Call has no hidden costs.
    • No connection fees
    • No disconnection fees/hang up fees
    • No maintenance fee
    • No communication fee
    • No long talk fee
    • 1 minute rounding
    You pay a flat rate irrespective of which city you call or what number you call. Reliance India Call is being offered by Reliance Communications International Inc. It is a part of the Reliance Group,India's largest and most admired business house. Reliance is also India's largest mobile service provider and the most trusted telecom brand in India.

    which is great as compared to other come and go cards which disappear in days of comming into the market.

    I would say reliance India call is the best available and reliable card these days.

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    Alright just an update.. reliance india call is not amongst the cheapest now as even skype competes with it when it comes to price and as we all know skype quality is unbeatable.
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    Default The best and hassles free way to call back home

    Reliance Global Call is the hassles free way to call back home iN India. As it is the cheapest haslles free way you could talk to your loved ones here. Its more attractive at just 3.9 cents/minute. Register Now

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    yes you are true they are good...

    I read this blog post Reliance India Call post and come to conclusion that they are providing there service worldwide now
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    Reliance India call service is kind of dead now with very few people opting to go with reliance India call as every other calling card is cheaper then what Reliance India call charges their customers in USA and Canada especially. Even Airtel's home call service is cheaper in UK with just 1p per minute call to India.

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    Reliance India call prices have now come down to 1 cent per min for calling India land line numbers and a little bit more for calling mobile phones.

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    Skype Rocks.... !

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