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Reliance Broadband Service

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    Default Reliance Broadband Service

    Reliance Broadband Services (Reliance Broadband):

    Reliance is considered one of the biggest internet service providers in India with excellent broadband connection. Besides that the Reliance broadband tariff plans too attract millions of net users to get their latest wireless broadband connection. At present they are offering the broadband connection which is called Netconnect Broadband+ in the form of data card and USB modem.

    You have various plans from the Reliance Broadband+ Evdo. There are night plans, night unlimited plans, city based unlimited plans, national unlimited plans, pay as you go plan, fixed GB download plan and others. Check out the plans in their official network and find out how they can offer superb service to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Transformer View Post
    Reliance Broadband Services (Reliance Broadband):

    ...and find out how they can offer superb service to you!
    Thanks for giving me a chuckle!

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    Yeah superb, its so superb, that its too much. Thank You. But we need plain working and unlimited internet connection, without seucrity flaws, and atleast a decently knowledgeable Customer Care. Not much of a demand, is it ? Or do you call this "Asking Too Much" ?

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