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Huawei modem gives error : "device is disconnected or is unavailable."

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    Default Huawei modem gives error : "device is disconnected or is unavailable."


    I hv Windows Vista 64 Bit ..

    I hv installed reliance netconnect broadband plu from the Huawei EC1260 usb modem .. Everything worked fine .. but now when I open reliance netconncet, it gives me the error "device is disconnected or is unavailable." ..

    The same USB modem works fine on my HP machine ..

    Kindly help !!

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    The USB port may be damaged. If your work in a corporate, the domain admin may have disabled your USB.

    If none of the above are true, try uninstalling the Netconnect software and see whether reinstalling software and drivers work.
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    same problem here
    i install the software fully but getting
    the device has been disconnected or is un available

    i have reinstall more than 10 times already it dont find anything in modem but it found mass stroage device

    why it is not finding any modem
    mine usb ports are working as i tested it with pen drive all ports

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