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How to Use 4port Router as a switch/repeater

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    Default How to Use 4port Router as a switch/repeater

    how to use netgear rangemax Next wireless-N Router WNR834b v2 as a switch/repeater ?

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    Hey man, am in the same boat as you: have 749 Reliance connection, but migrating to 1499 plan in 48 hrs, my setup: billion (1 port) modem + Netgear wg614 router. I'm also trying to login to 2 computers at the same time to double my bandwith, but have been unsuccessful so far. Can you please let me know how you were able to login to 2 computers? Do you need any additional equipment (like a 2 port modem)?

    Your help will me much appreciated,

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    To achieve the above:

    1. Connect the "LAN-out" of your modem to "Internet-in" of the router.
    2. Connect all wired computers via LAN ports (1-4).
    3. You should set the 4-port router in bridge mode with
    a) DHCP=ON
    b) LAN Address = on different subnet. For example, if modem's LAN IP is then router's LAN address can be
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