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plz suggest wifi router..

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    Default plz suggest wifi router..

    i want to buy wifi router to setup my reliance broadband connection wireless access, plz suggest me the best wifi router which is easy to configure....
    thanks in advance....

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    Go for Asus RT-G32 for 1300rs. You can easily setup the router with reliance broadband.

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    mention model/make/number of adsl type or cable type supplied by Reliance.
    Please check in "broadband How to .... " forum for guides to connect an ADSL modem and WIFI router.
    Depending on the range ( radius of activity) and height involved., wif router
    of 2N type with dual antennae preferred.
    Try SEARCH box above for wifi routers for old threads on the subject , of this forum.

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    u can buy belkin g router for rs 1350 or belkin n router with dual antenna for rs 1800...

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