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Reliance Broadband in Mumbai

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    Default Reliance Broadband in Mumbai

    I have been using airtel for over 4 years , but their Fair Usage Policy has become an annoyance

    I dont want MTNL (no cheap 2mbps) and reliance is one of the few providers that dont have a Fair Usage Policy

    so my question would be , how is the service in mumbai ?

    how long does the installation take ?
    Is there any downtime/How frequent is it?
    How responsive is the Customer care ?
    Any other thoughts or suggestions

    oh btw , what speeds can i expect from the 2mbps(2599) unlimited plan

    also , i have been going through the topics here and some are mentioning dc hubs
    does reliance have hubs in mumbai .. surely that is a huge advantage over airtel

    help would be appreciated

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    anyone ????....

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    the service is pretty much bad in mumbai but make a survey before purchasing it because most of the times it depends on area

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