I wanted to change my Internet services from existing vendor to Reliance BroadBand NetConnect+.I applied for the same and an executive came to my place , to whom I gave 1500 rs as Data Card price and chose a plan of 750Rs per month Unlimited. After 7 days, I got my Data card. As per instructions given by executive I tried to Activate my device, but I failed. So, I called the reliance Customer care regarding the Activation problem. They connected my phone Line to technical department, who tried to activate my device and told me that this is an expired device and cannot be activated. I tried to contact the executive who provided me the Data card many times to collect the device but he didn't reply.
After 4 months, a lady from Reliance, called me and asked to pay the bill of rs 1200. I asked for what you are asking me to pay the bill, when I didn,t use the service even a minute of any day. She said as the device is activated at your name and rent charges are there so you have to pay the bill.
I told her the above story but she was adamant for the payment.
i already given 1500 rs and again these guys are asking me 1200 for nothing.
If i hadn't use the service once, why should I pay the bill. In this time period no one from reliance ask me whether I am using the service. I am sure they must have the track of the usage also. Atleast they should have contacted me and ask for not using the Device, but nobody from there side bothered.
I have no clue what to do. Obviously i am not going to pay for service which I even not get facilitated once.
Details of the device I have are below

The Reliance Data Card User id: MDN: 09326788091
SDCA: Maharastra Circle
RSN: RHWCDD210277344
Model: EC150
Color : Black