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Reliance contact number please

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    Default Reliance contact number please

    I am interested in going for the Reliance Freedom 999 plan. however, I don't have any person to contact/even I checked on their site it is not clearly documented...other than the post paid cell phone number.... or any number to call on Bangalore region...When I saw the plan...I really want to know on this...secondly, Does the metro-ethernet needs to digg in your area before it reaches to your house or it works like a phone wire above the roof technology...

    can anyone throw a light on this...because in my place I don't think they can digg to get the cable and since the place I am staying is rented house and will not get any approval to digg and to reach the cable near my home...

    please someone help with this..

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    Have you tried contacting them via 1800 3000 7777 ?

    And regarding MEN (metro ethernet network), yes, they may have to dig up the place for laying the cables (i.e. if the cable has already not been provisioned in your area).

    Previously they used to provide the same plan via their conventional phone lines; but now they are giving away the connections strictly only to the subscribers who come in the MEN regions.

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