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Reliance Broadband Connection No service even after payment

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    Default Reliance Broadband Connection No service even after payment

    I have taken the Broad Band Connection of relaince 31*******946 on 12 Jan 2012 and given cash to reliance sales executive on his request of payment by cash after which my connection got activated after one year reliance found that the cash paid by me was not given to account department by the sales executive and my connection was deactivated. On 4th april 2013 my connection was deactivated for 3 days after that i was informed to go to the nearest webworld and show the slip when i went there i was ask to visit the Nodal office in Praladh Nagar Ahmedabad and meet some one in the account department. When i went there i shown the slip to Mr. Kiran in account department then he ask me to go to Mr. Pradeep Parekh the sales executive when i contacted him he saw the slip and recognise the signature of one of his subbordinate but he said that now this empoyee has left the organization i told him that i have made the payment but it is not reflecting in my account he came with me in the account department and met Mr. Kiran on his request my connection was activated then again next day it got deactivated i called kiran and he again activated it after 15 days again the same thing connnection got deactivated and again i called and he activate it. After 15 days again my connection was deactivated and this time Mr. Kiran refuse to help and ask me to call to customer care i called and discussed the whole issue with them at that time my connection was deactivate for 5 days without any reason after a long battel on phone i finally wrote to consumer forum after which i got a call from reliance and they said my connection was activated now and will not face any problem in future and requested to withdraw the consumer forum complain which i did so. Again after a month now my connection was deactivated and i was given same pathetic reason for its deactivation now .I am no where at fault i have made the payment and i have the proof of it even i was getting a call to make the same payment again. I have also made the payment of 2048 Rs in advance of 3 months till july 2013 but my connection was deactivated since last 2 days for the non payment of Jan 2012 which i have paid and submitted a proof to reliance through mail. Please help me on this it has been 2 months i am struiggling with this. I am also attaching my slip i got from the reliance sales executive after paying 599 to him.

    Karan Rathod
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    Do you really not get the hint? They dont care for their customers. I have had some bad experience with Reliance companies myself so I know that their customer support is no help. If I was you I would file a case against them in the nearest consumer forum and also switch to some other service provider. What is the point of staying with a provider that doesnt care about their customers?

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