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Reliance iptv website launched!!! and the features are amazing

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    Default Reliance iptv website launched!!! and the features are amazing

    here is the site
    :: Welcome to Reliance IPTV :::: Welcome to Reliance IPTV ::

    they will also launch it on xbox360

    remote will also work with tv/dvd player/vcr i.e. its a universal remote control

    dvr stb and hd content

    View photos stored on PC via IPTV STB on TV
    Listen to music stored on PC via IPTV STB on TV

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    Default Common.. don't get excited man.. Reality would be different!!

    What's the use? It will be another pain in a$$ for subscribers who fall for it..

    They are just incompetent to be in services industry.. We will end up calling them 120 times in a month and finally a local dealer's office boy or a contract labor visits our place wearing an Engineer's hat.. you teach him what an STB is and he goes back and closes all 120 complaints as resolved :-)

    This is what the situation is with all their other services in infocomm biz..

    Looks like their boss's only priority now is to beat his brother in terms of paper wealth..:-(

    I would wait for Airtel to launch a similar service..

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    Agree with cruisecontrol. IPTV will always be a value added service. People will not sign up with an ISP because it provides brilliant cable services. The primary driver force is internet and broadband. Let Reliance pull up their socks on this aspect first.

    Abroad, many companies offer broadband, telephony and TV as 3-in-1 service and that comes at a good deal. If major providers are able to provide such services at a good price and excellent reliability, I see a great future for such ventures.
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    Well said !!!

    I agree on the 120 times/month bit and all of them getting resolved.
    What I dont agree is someone (local dealer and allied) VISITING our places.

    I am yet to expreience that phenomenon.
    I am currently on ticket no. 21......


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    Default I received Rajnikanth at my place..

    Reliance folks sent a Rajani Saaar (his name is Muthu :-) from their local dealer's place. Like any true Reliance filed guy he left without solving my problem but promised to return the next day with a Sr. Techie..

    He went back and closed my complaint as resolved..

    If they send Rajanikanth for Data Services issues they will send Vadivelu/Rajpal Yadav to attend to Video services which are considered low tech.. :-)

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