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Strange Router Issue - No IP

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    Default Strange Router Issue - No IP


    I have just taken a reliance broadnet connection. I am from mumbai.

    Now the issue:

    Reliance tower is near my area so no network issues I am sure.

    When I plug-in the lan cable in my laptop the IP is automatically detected after sometime and I can browse the reliance login page.

    Now if I connect my lan cable to my wireless router, the settings are DHCP, linksys router, it doesn't get the automatic IP at all, it keep showing IP in status.

    I tried the same with d-link wireless router I have too, the status keep showing connecting... but it too doesn't get any IP.

    With pc it works fine, but router no IP. someone please help me.

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    Lots of us are discussing these on this thread.

    check that out

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