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My Experience With Reliance

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    Default My Experience With Reliance

    The download speed is worst but the download speed for limited plans is good.
    sadly i have an unlimited plan
    It took them 10 days to install my connection after filling the subscription form.
    The funny part about my installation is that engineer who came to configure my connection.
    As reliance was the only option available in my area and i wasn't aware about its speed issues(coz i didn't know a useful forum like India Broadband even existed)
    When that guy arrived i repeatedly asked him "What will be my download speed ???" and he kept on replying very high(I wasn't aware he was a NOOB)
    When he finished configuring my connection he double-clicked on the Local Area Connection Status and showed me the speed status as 100.0 Mbps in the general tab
    "WOW hes the real engineer" i said in my mind
    I argued to this and showed him the real download speed by downloading a gaming client called GG from their website.He was dumbfounded
    He then googled for download accelerator and started the download and showed me their homepage claiming to increase my download speeds upto 400%.As the download was real slow he asked me to install the software to get high download speeds and he left.
    So Reliance provides us with such IMBA Trained Professionals to fool people
    Next day my PC gave weird errors and started browsing internet sites on its own.After scanning with AVG it found trojans and etc.
    Now i m switching to airtel coz i found many satisfying threads about their download speeds on India Broadband Forum.
    India Broadband Forum is really a great platform for all the broadband users in india to share their experiences.Keep up the good work !!!

    P.S : plz spare me for my bad english

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    do you have Airtel in your area?
    if yes just blindly go for it

    Reliance sucks big time
    this is just the beginning after which you will see DHCP issues and upload issues and the great customer care they have

    It is a nightmare to have Reliance broadband as an ISP

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