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Reliance IPTV - Enjoy Unlimited Fun with Reliance IPTV

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    Default Reliance IPTV - Enjoy Unlimited Fun with Reliance IPTV

    Enjoy Unlimited Fun with Reliance IPTV

    Get ready to cruise Reliance IPTV connection having unlimited fun, amusement and much more to make your life full of delight and happiness. Get pleasure from weekend at home with your family and kids as we bring with us the magic box of unlimited stuff including most interactive and unbelievable TV watching experience you always desired for.

    Reliance IPTV is determined to offer its valued customers high quality video which helps enhance clear and unforgettable TV watching practice in universe.

    With Reliance IPTV the world is in your hand where you will redefine the history by creating imperative experience for your guests and friends at the click of your remote button. Every single function is designed thoughtfully to make the viewing enjoyable and pleasant.

    The world is in your hand by “user interface” that offer you desirable languages of your choice, multifunctional beautiful TV, STB and VCR/DVD are conquered by remote control and in addition, easy installation of Set-Top-Box. Installing device was never so easy but now you can do it simple steps.

    Explore the largest library of music, movies and fun including national, international and local video spices. Enjoy great pixels without bad prints irrespective of pirated movies only with Reliance IPTV. Select your choice from over hundreds of channels presenting high definition channels and elite Reliance Channels.

    Unlimited Features

    Now this is up to you as you have the key to watch whatever you want, when you have time and how you want. Just go to the library of movies and masti and search there your favourite. Feel the experience of uninterrupted picture hall with DVD with multifunctions like pause and play, instant replay, rewind and fast forward. You are the boss of your home theater.

    Unique Features:

    * Digital video recording
    * Mosaics
    * Pause and play live TV
    * High definition
    * Parental control
    * Search
    * Favourites
    * Instant channel change
    * Home media sharing
    * Application games and more
    * Video on demand
    * Picture in picture guide

    On Demand

    * Search: video, people and title
    * Rich content categorization
    * DVD like trick play functions
    * High definition video titles
    * Real-time video on demand
    * Catch up TV
    * Subtitling and audio language choice
    * Movie video previews

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    its really good in terms of features but what about the service?

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    service is awesome

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