When making international calls to the USA it can be an expensive call especially when talking for long or when making more than one call. Although the service of calling cards or going to a place where you can make phone calls can be done, but this still works out to be quite costly and is inconvenient too. But these days making international calls have become economical because of mobile phones and service providers. If the mobile phone service provider has the feature of making international calls then you can also make unlimited phone calls at a very low cost, if the person on the other end has the same service provider as you.
Reliance India Calls is someone who have launched Reliance global calls which allows you to make internationals calls which are as low as 1 cent per minute. Calls to India can also be made at 1 cent per minute, Canada calls made from USA at 2 cents per minute and so on.

When making calls from India the list below provides the calling rates:

Similarly Calls made to countries Toll Free -
USA 2.49 INR/Min,
Saudi Arabia 7.49 INR/Min
UK 3.49 INR/Min
UAE 10.99 INR/Min
Singapore 3.49 INR/Min
Canada 2.49 INR/Min
Qatar 10.49 INR/Min
Australia 7.99 INR/Min

Next time you want to call someone in India, try finding out more about Reliance India Calls, although there are many other companies who offer calls to India, but you will find Reliance India Calls much better and affordable and will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family more often, especially during festivals and special occasions. In order to make calls from Reliance India you donít need to have a cell phone as it can be operated online and you can avail services through credits, and all you require is a pin.

Reliance Global Call is something which available for Reliance Mobile and Reliance Landline customers, and when using the calling card you are required to use the dial access number.