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Reliance Mobile Plans

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    Default Reliance Mobile Plans

    New Reliance Mobile Plans

    The tug of war among the telecom giants to woe more customers seems to giving lot of benefits to subscribers. Reliance Tele-Communications following the latest Industry norms have announced the latest pay per second plan for both postpaid and prepaid. In order to felicitate ease for customers Reliance Mobile has announced that it would launch the new tariff variants under the ‘Simply Reliance Plan’.

    Under Simply Reliance Plan the company offers ‘No Conditions’, No Monthly Recharge’& ‘Any Network Anytime’ benefits:

    * For short duration callers, Reliance will offer 1paisa/second single call rate
    * For long duration callers, Reliance will offer Re 1 for 3 minutes call rate
    * For those with standard call duration, Reliance will continue offering 50p/Minute tariff rate

    The plans under the Simply Reliance Plan have been launched for both the CDMA and GSM networks and the new tariffs for this plan has been effective since November 5th 2009. And the new offers from this plan from Reliance Mobile extend to the following:

    * For all Local calls
    * For all STD calls
    * To any CDMA or GSM Mobile and Landline anywhere in India
    * All incoming and outgoing calls while roaming
    * Anytime of the day or night
    * Without any monthly charges
    * Without any hidden charges or any conditions, whatsoever

    Details of New Simply Reliance Pay Per Second Plan:
    Particulars 1paise/Second Plan 50p/minute Plan
    Reliance Mobile Competition Reliance Mobile Competition
    Local Calls – Same Network 1Paisa / sec 1paisa 50 Paise / Min 50 paise
    Local Call – Others Network 1.20 paise 60 paise
    STD Call – Same Network 1 paise 50 paise
    STD Call – Others Network 1.2 paise 60 paise
    Roaming (Incoming) Re 1/Min Re 1/Min
    Roaming (Outgoing) Re 1/Min (Local)

    Re 1.50 / Min (STD)
    Re 1/Min (Local)

    Re 1.50 / Min (STD)
    SMS (Local) 50 paise Re 1 Re 1
    SMS (National) 50 paise Re 1.50 Rs 1.50

    Single Rate 50p/min Plan

    Reliance Mobile has opted for another call rate which is called the simply reliance STD/Local at the rate of 50p/min for any reliance number anywhere. The call rates are applicable to both CDMA and GSM mobile phones. This bold new plan comes with new subscriptions that usually cost Rs 90/- in Delhi and Mumbai while the existing GSM and CDMA customers can switch to the 50p/min plan just paying the minimal amount required for transferring. Post paid customers too can avail this excellent plan just paying monthly rental of Rs 99/-.

    The single rate of 50 paisa per minute applies to:

    * All local calls

    * All STD calls

    * To any mobile CDMA or GSM or Landline from anywhere in India

    * All incoming and outgoing calls while roaming

    * Anytime of the day or night

    * All SMSes – local or national

    * Without any monthly charges for prepaid

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    Plan Info
    Unlimited (Auto Renewal)
    Monthly Rs.299/Unlimited**
    Monthly Rs.99/Unlimited Browsing***

    Subscribe Unlimited Plan

    Discover the joy of
    access on your phone.
    Subscribe and Get
    Unlimited DOWNLOAD and
    Browsing only @299/
    per month.

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    previously when reliance was launched, people had very bad review on Reliance deducting their balance with unknown reasons, and tried to loot people in various ways, happens with my friend too << some plans were activated and his balance was deducted << without even applying for their plans.

    I ain't going with Reliance << happy with Tata Docomo

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