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skype and internet speed

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    Default skype and internet speed

    I am not from India but have a good friend there and we thought we could get laptops and skype each other. Reliance internet was recommended to me by another trusted friend in India. When I look up prices for internet in India I am very confused! I get all these lists with different letters representing different speeds that I have never seen before and I have no idea what they mean or what is needful for a laptop for a regular person who just wants to Skype their friends from India. Help please!

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    Kindly provide details ,
    Your present location ( country) and your Broadband provider.

    Presume you need details for Use by your friend in India.
    A broadband connection with a minimum speed at least 512 Kbps is recommended. Higher the speed still better.

    Sometimes both Voice and Video may not work due to network conditions.

    Para two;
    I have a BSNL Home 750 speed upto 512 Kbps, Unlimited usage
    Performance satisfactory for both VOIP and Skype usage.
    ( Audio/video tests are done by Skype application also )

    You can test your connection. here for similar usage VOIP.
    Finally the green buttons in report show ( if not interested in technical 'jargon") the quality of your connection.
    Mine all "green" except last MOS.

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    If you could give an example of what you are confused about you can get help from forum members, or even share your friends location so that a good internet plan can be reccomended.

    You would get better Skype service using your mobile phone and using mobile internet with a good plan. If not Skype there are also other means of calling each other like Viber which not only allows calling but also video calling aswell.

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    Lets get this straight, the faster the speed the better the voice quality of your Skype.

    Regarding you being confused about numbers of letters, if you give an example of what your seeing then we could explain. This is an example of what you would see when seeing a broadband tariff:

    Rs800 4Mbps 15GB data

    The Rs800 is the amount you would need to pay on a monthly basis, The 4Mbps is the speed of the internet and the 15GB is the amount of the data you have with the particualr tariff.

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