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Reliance GSM : A Company Qwned by Thieves and Runed by Goons!

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    Angry Reliance GSM : A Company Qwned by Thieves and Runed by Goons!

    Reliance : Owners are Theives and Employees are Goons!

    I ported-into Reliance GSM in Mumbai and that's my big mistake!

    Network Strength :
    2G : 2/5
    3G : 1/5
    Disconnects every 15 seconds and takes hell lot of time to re-connect. Thus will really make your Battery life Half because of disconnection and reconnection!
    Coverage :
    2G : 3.5/5
    3G : 3.5/5
    Average, Not upto the mark
    Connectivity :
    2G : 2/5
    3G : 0.5/5
    Call connects after 3 - 4 attempts only, disconnects in 10 seconds, Can never hear voice nor person opposite hears us. Doesn't work in lift (like Anushka Sharma says in Ad). It doesn't work in open space yaar no chance in closed areas! This is in 2G mode.
    Calling in 3G > IMPOSSIBLE !!

    Charges : Plan Charges 5/5. But they will eat your money like anything by starting unwanted services and even without reason and VERY FREQUENTLY!
    So 1/5.

    Service : -99999999 (Negative/Minus)/5
    Customer Care on phone is very very rude, speaks in villager language and disconnects the call, that is if by chance you get and remain connected! You will always hear some big noise/disturbance and wont be able to hear anything and CC will disconnect or either you will lose network. So calling CC is no use at all!
    Customer Care in Store is the same! Plus only one CC in a store! People have to line-up like school kids! And they know nothing! They will only say one thing ''System Down Hai''. Then if you try to ask one thing more, they say ''Jaao Na Ab Meri Shakal Kya Dekh Rahe Ho''! They all are ready anytime to Injure you.
    Reliance is such that you get problems daily and you badly need customer care again and again and customer care is totally useless! They don't even know 3G plans when I had asked them! They ask to call CC!

    Final Verdict : Don't Fall In Reliance. They will eat your money like anything and provide you no service. Customer Care are cheap low quality Marathi-Muslim goons with a salary of Rs. 500/ month. They can kill u anytime. Reliance ka rule hai '' Full Profit By Deducting Money Again & Again without reason and Assign Cheapest Employees, No Service! No AC also in the store! Ambani's are Thieves in Good Dress! DONT GET FOOLED!

    Till now I have used Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, Airtel, MTNL, Loop and Idea (Current)
    Reliance comes last!

    And yes, when I applied for porting, they never gave me the UPC code despite me requesting again and again! 2 more persons whom I know using Reliance experienced the same. They just dont give the porting code! 'Na rahega bass, Na bajegi baasuri'! One just can't port without the code. Had to fight soo much. My friend got code after 2 months!!!!!!!!
    And one funny thing. After I got code, applied and when finally my number was ported, after 3 days with my new subscriber, I got sms from Reliance : Ur porting code is RM###### HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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