I've been looking for a good wifi solution for quite a while , but i never was able to get something which i wanted. I was looking for a sort of a prepaid connection with a lifetime validity. SO say i recharge for 500 bucks and i get a certain amount to use , which i could either finish in 1 month, 1year or even 10 years.. most of these wifi services like tata photon etc have only monthly plans where i have to pay every month . Now i dont travel much , sometimes once in 2 months , sometimes once in 4 months , sometimes even once a year . So having a wifi connects at SUCH situations can be helpful.. Thats where the prepaid connection with lifetime validity would be helpful as monthly plans would be a waste for me..
I happened to see Lifetime validity in reliance netconnect , but all the plans under it seem to be with a monthly rental.. Anybody , any idea?