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problem while migration from postpaid to prepaid & bad customer service

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    Angry problem while migration from postpaid to prepaid & bad customer service

    I was an user of Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ 10gb postpaid plan costing 1212/- per month. Recently I decided to change the reliance EVDO connection to the cheapest plan (which happens to be Rs.250/- for 300MB per month, available only in prepaid type) and use it with my laptop while traveling.

    On 8th March 2010,I placed a request for migration from postpaid to prepaid account type at the Reliance WebWorld in my city where I was told to visit after the 10th since my bill is generated on the 10th.

    On visiting the same place on 10th, I was told to come back again the next day since their system had not been updated and my bill was not generated.
    So, I went again on the 13th, and they asked me to make the full payment in cash so that the application for changing to prepaid can be done immediately. The bill amount was Rs.1212/- and I paid 1220/- as the representative said that it would cover up any extra costs if needed. He also asked me to not use the connection until the process is completed or else another billing cycle would start.

    So, I paid 1220/- in cash, for which I have a receipt and was told that I would receive a phone call on my mobile for confirmation. The next day, I received the call but due to poor signal reception, I requested the caller to call again after a few minutes, which was acknowledged by him, but I never got another call.

    Everything was fine till here, but when I didn't receive any call for one whole week, I called the toll free customercare no, and was told that my account type had not been changed.
    As I didn't have free time right then, I waited another week, but on calling customercare again, they said that the process could not be completed because i had 'outstanding dues' which had to be cleared.

    Confused and enraged, I approached the same WebWorld again, where the earlier person was absent and a new person took down my complaint and assured me that I would get a call on my mobile, which never happened.

    After another week, around 10-12th of April, I again approached the same WebWorld regarding the issue, to which the person there said "Give me 48 hours, and I will sort the issue", and typed an E-mail right in front of me to his senior officials regarding the same.

    One week later, cursing myself for having bought a Reliance connection, I called up customercare, where the representative said that 'Sir, my system shows that you have outstanding dues, and we cannot process the request until you clear the dues' and repeated the same thing 10 times over to whatever I said or asked.

    Then again I visited the same WebWorld for the fourth time, where the guy said "Give me 24 hours, I will personally call you and tell you the progress" Needless to say, that call never happened.

    Now, today, I lost my cool, and called him up, exactly 3 days after he had asked for 24 hours. I gave him a piece of my mind, and asked him what the hell was happening, it has been 1 months today and still i have a connection that I cant use and I have a pending bill of over a thousand rupees for the month of march, which I refuse to pay.
    To this, he said he tried calling me but my number was not reachable (a a lame excuse, he had 3 full days to call) and then he said that he couldn't do anything as he hadn't gotten a reply from his seniors, and refused to give me a date by which the issue would be solved.
    Upon which, I asked him to provide contact details of somebody higher up, who has authority to solve such a problem, which he denied to.
    After blasting him about this whole situation, he had the audacity to tell me that I should stop blaming him, AS "I AM DOING MY BEST AND WILL CONTACT YOU WHEN I GET ANY INFORMATION" (as if 1 months were not enough of waiting time) and said that I should contact the tollfree no. and then hung up saying "AAPKO JO CHAHIYE KAR LIJIYE, MUJHE KUCH MAT BOLIYE"

    WOW! this is how customer relation personnel treat us.

    So, I called up the tollfree no. and luckily got a person on the line who listened to the problem in detail, and gave me an e-mail address where I have now written a mail to, giving details of the issue. Waiting for a reply now.

    Wish I had never gone for reliance in the first place.
    Has any1 been in a similar situation before? Any advice regarding what should be done?

    P.S.:To all those who are thinking of buying a reliance broadband+ wireless connection, my sincere advise to you is to look elsewhere, as this is the second time I have suffered due to their pathetic customer service (the first time was when my connection was activated 2 weeks after payment and submission of documents, as there was a problem with the unique device id on the huawei usb modem they provided!)
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    First Of all sorry to hear the intire messy situation and the way you have been treated by Reliance. I had bought reliance before and had a very good experience with them. At this stage its difficult to do anything as when they say that you have outstanding bill then anyhow they will make to pay the bill and incase if you fail to pay the bill they will send a legal advocate letter to pay the bill or else action will be taken. I feel very very sorry for the entire situation and the suffering of customers like you, me or many other. The best way is that disconnect reliance if you dont want the service but you have to pay the outstanding bill or else move to consumer court if you have any evidence of your previous request.

    I wish and pray your problem get solved soon. In India we are still waiting for good Mobile Broadband connection with very good customer service. the existing providers are not of any help. I have used BSNL whose service is very bad and speed is not as promised.

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