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deceived & cheated by reliance mobile-netconnet broadband plus.

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    Default deceived & cheated by reliance mobile-netconnet broadband plus.

    Dear Sir,

    Customer Name:Prashant Kadkol

    Mobile number: 9341071317

    I have been a customer of reliance mobile since last 7 years. Few months back I purchased Samsung corby SPEED CDMA handset and I have been using it since then. I came to know about the internet broadband+ plans available with the corby handset and for the same I visited reliance web world at vijaynagar, Bangalore for plan activation. I subscribed to Rs.650/- monthly rental plan which limits to 1GB data usage. Talking to customer care *355 (netconnect broadband plus-samsung corby) I got the information that under 1GB limit I can access internet on mobile handset and also by connecting data cable to PC. Based on this information from *355 I have been using internet on mobile handset and PC.

    After receiving the bills I came to know I have been charged for using internet on Samsung corby mobile handset as network usage charges, apart from paying monthly rental of Rs.650 for which my usage has been only 472 MB.

    I HAVE BEEN WORNGLY INFORMED FROM NETCONNECT BROADBAND PLUS *355 AND MISGUIDED ON INTERNET USAGE. It was only recently after talking to a senior technical supervisor of broadband plus I was informed that broadband plus is limited only for PC use and internet used over mobile handset will be charged separately as “network usage”.

    Even today if I call the customer care broadband plus *355 seeking info about this plan, I am 100% sure the customer will be misguided with wrong information “under this plan you can use internet on mobile and PC also”. To test this I have called several times to the customer care and every time I have got wrong information and misguided from the customer care.

    Referring to my bills for the month of May 2010 (attached) I have been charged RS.653/- for internet usage over the mobile phone. As I was misguided from *355 and the web world manager (vijaynagar, Bangalore) and since it’s not my mistake, I urge for compensation & 100% waiver of internet charges (network usage) billed for the month of May 2010.

    Kindly please address this issue and compensate.

    Reliance Netconnect broadband has accepted “providing wrong information to customer & misguiding”

    Please find the proof of “wrong information-misguidence” provided by Reliance netconnect broadband plus *355, customer care executive shobha.

    Please refer the voice recording of interaction ID 1930566518.

    Kindly request you to consider my last call from (9341071317) to *355 netconnect broadband plus as a proof for the wrong information given by reliance netconnect.

    Call time -- 15:50 hrs to 15.58 hrs

    *355 reliance netconnect executive name-shobha.

    Date of conversation-23.8.10.




    Dear reliance samsung corby users,

    please be carefull & do not trust the information given by netconnect broadband plus for samsung corby users. *355 is misguiding and deceiving customers with wrong information! please dont be a scape goat between netconnect and post-paid billing.
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    RIL Sucks .....

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    Exclamation Do not buy Relience broadband plus

    I am a retired person, I use Reliance Netconnect Broadband + ; this month they have sent me a bill of Rs. 4000 for using 9 GB of data! I am on 3 GB monthly plan.

    I use the connection to read news and send-receive emails only. My usage hardly crosses 2.5GB/month.

    Also, notably, I can not login for past 5-6 days with my regular username password combination (Opera password manager saved; plus I tried in Firefox too by manually entering username-password : nothing worked.)

    Obviously, though it is impossible for me (with the connection speed I get) to download 9GB in one month; I have to pay them and have to say goodbye.

    Beware of Reliance Broadband plus connection. Buy any other connection but do not buy this snake oil by mistake.

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    Use only prepaid. Its safe and if you use this usernames in dialer then its free.

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    Default Worst ever service

    Reliance Net Connect is the worst service I have come across. First the connection gets disconnected, their data card doesn't work and we already deposited the same to their service center(for 30 days), and still they keep charging us for the connection. The best part is that now they send a warning mail to us that they will file legal notice for Rs 1750. On top of that the Advocate calls to scare us to threaten us for the court case. He doesn't even realize they are actually calling a lawyer itself. So much for the customer service. I wonder reliance has lots of time to to do funny things. Atleast they should do their homework before taking such funny actions.

    If I hade an option of v.poor or pathetic I would graded their service as one of these options.

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