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Reliance Wi-max coming to Rajkot (Gujarat)

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    Default Reliance Wi-max coming to Rajkot (Gujarat)

    Today I received call from 09320399703 asking me If I received an email containing Reliance Wi-max product details. (Earlier I had requested for the same), and they informed me that Reliance Wi-max will be available in Rajkot starting from 1st of Jan, 2009.

    At present I use BSNL EVDO. It is just good for the surfing (and not upload/download stuffs).

    Now, I need some suggestions here that whether should I switch to Reliance Wi-max from next month? I'm planning to go with 400 kbps plan to start with. What is average upload / download speed that comes with this plan?

    And how is the connectivity overall? And login issues (that I read in few posts here like getting an ip issue etc.)?

    I use BSNL EVDO just because there is no wire broadband connectivity in my area, or else Reliance Broadband worked best for me earlier when I was in a different area.

    I would like real / in-depth views on Reliance wi-max from those who already used it, before I switch to it.


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    I would say, wait and watch. Don't become a guinea pig for the first time experiment.
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    I want to use reliance broadnet in Rajkot. I am residing in Kalawad Road, Rudanagar-1. Here, there is no cabling. I am thinking to shift the home. What is the best place in Rajkot where the cabling is available to get the reliance broadnet connection?

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