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Youtube bad performance

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    Default Youtube bad performance

    Another feather on Reliance WiMax's CAP,

    I found that Reliance routes ONLY the YOUTUBE traffic through TATA Comunications Network (VSNL).
    All the other traffic goes to their default FLAG submarine cable.

    SO WHAT??????

    Because of this you get substandard bandwidth while accessing the YOUTUBE website.
    For me, even a 400Kbps struggles to run a YOUTUBE video.
    Even worse at times "PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED"

    I can provide the proof if anyone is interested.
    Has anyone faced the same issue??

    And just in case if any one is planning for a VoIP call on this connection,
    my suggestion is please don't waste your precious time.

    At the max it has a QoS of 4%

    You can expect lot of echos/delays........:001_tt2:
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