The first Nexus S device, which comes with the 4G capabilities, is Samsung Nexus S 4G. It is incorporated with the Android 2.3 OS in order to maintain the high speed access to the several Google Apps and Android Market. This smartphone offers an attractive display, 16 GB internal memory and other tools that are needed in any smartphone for high speed performance, whereas it doesn’t have long battery life and advanced multimedia features.

Touch Screen and Display

A super AMOLED touchscreen is offered with the nexus S 4G in order to get very fine images. The energy efficient technology of the Super AMOLED screen helps in saving the battery life; hence it proved to be a bit beneficial. It comes with a touch screen of 4 inches which is capable of displaying games, TV shows, movies and WebPages effectively. The resolution of the screen is 480 x 800 pixels which is capable enough to display an image with proper intensities.

The height of this smartphone is 4.8 inches which is a bit uncomfortable if you put it in your pants pocket. Apart of its height, it is 2.48 inches wide and 0.44 inches; hence it proved to be a large device. 4.55 ounces is its weight, which is very light as compared to that of smartphone of this dimensions.

Inbuilt Features
The Nexus S 4G is having dual cameras. A VGA front facing camera as well as a 5.0 Mega Pixel rear facing camera, the users are disappointed due to its low resolution. Due to dual cameras, it is possible to do video chat, whereas the auto focus feature along with flash enhances the image quality.

This smartphone is inbuilt with all basic multimedia features that you need. It is having a digital music player with the help of which you can play music. The Nexus S 4G also allows users to access their emails. It is having 16 GB internal memory which is much enough of storing music files, photographs and other stuff on your smartphone.

Calling Features
This smartphone allows access to all its basic calling features. The call waiting and call holding features are included with the Nexus S 4G smartphone. You can make use of caller ID, can check your log and will be able of storing practically unlimited contacts on your smartphone. This smartphone includes call conferencing hence enables its users to connect several calls at once.

If we compare the battery life of Nexus S 4G with several other similar devices, then it proved to be low. Maximum 360 minutes of talk time is being offered by this smartphone. Whether the calling features is being used or the display is active then it considered being the talk time. It only offers standby time of 230 hours. Whereas on an average; 325 hours is the time that is being offered by several other smartphone.

The Samsung Nexus S 4G has Android 2.3 installed on it which is also known as Gingerbread. You can easily have access to more than 1 Lac 50 thousand apps which includes several other Google Applications viz. Gmail, YouTube, Google maps etc. this smartphone is inbuilt with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

The Samsung Nexus S 4G is an android 2.3 based, dual camera cell phone which comes with 4G facilities. This is another thing that this doesn’t offer any other features which make it stand out of other smartphones. The large touchscreen along with video chat capabilities is being a very attractive feature of this cell phone. Overall this smartphone is having a lot of things to offer to its customers.