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Slimmest Watch Phone

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    Default Slimmest Watch Phone

    Samsung has yet again come with another product and this time itís a watch phone, and its not just any watch phone itís the world slimmest watch phone.
    Although there have been a lot of talks about the LGís GD910 wristwatch phone, but till date there is no sign of it in the market, and this is where Samsung has beaten LG as they will be ready to launch their slimmest watch phone in the market this month in France.
    The new watch phone which is known as the S9110 watch phone measures only 11.98mm in thickness, from which you can just image how thin it is. The screen is a 1.7 inch glass LCD which is scratch proof. The strap is of good quality which is made out of leather.
    Other features of the watch phone include that it supports 2.1 bluetooth, along with a MP3 player. It also has a speakerphone and has voice recognition, which is amazing being such as small gadget.
    The Samsung watch phone will also support internet connectivity but there is nothing certain to what sort of connectivity there will be.
    The cost of this watch phone in France is set to be about 450 euros which is approximately Rs 31,000.

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    There are many companies who now design watch phones, and these days they can be easily brought from onlineshopping sites. The average cost of these watch phones is Rs4000. Not taking into account the Samsung watch phone which costs Rs31,00.

    When thinking that your buying a watch the price may seem reasonable but when you think that you purchasing a watch phone, thoughts can come into your mind, whether the Rs4000 your spending will last even as long as a year, will it actually work, how durable will it be etc. I havent come across anyone who has a watch phone, so cant judge anything as of yet.

    Anyone seen or used a watch phone? Would you ever buy a wrist watch such as the Samsung watch phone or any other watch phone?

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    When it comes to watch phones I would consider this one.


    PROS / The Apple Watch Sport's scratch-resistant display has a higher resolution than any other smartwatch.

    CONS / This smartwatch is relatively slow, and some applications take a long time to load.

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    If it is not good in terms of performance then the basic purpose is defeated. There is no use of having it in your wrist when it cannot perform with speed which is the minimum requirement nowadays. But it is highly portable. I I think as time goes, companies will be able to develop watches that meet all our expectations.

    I think the main advantage of watch phones is its high portability. We can just wear it and there is no need to worry about its safe custody as it always travel with us. There is no fear of losing the device.

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    I am not sure if my eyes can handle reading a text message or an article with that phone. When I was younger I can read content from those old school touch pad phones but now I prefer Phablets because I can see things much more better.

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