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Difference between Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note

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    Default Difference between Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note

    Both Samsung Galaxy S range and Samsung Galaxy Note range phones seem to look the same and from what I know dont have much of a difference specs wise. The note is slight larger in size as compared to the Galaxy range, apart from that are there any other differences.

    You could take one more phone into account and thats the Samsung Grand.

    Im actually gifting a phone to my sister for her birthday, so want to know whats the difference in these phones, so I can purchase the appropriate one.

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    You have pretty much answered the question yourself, the specifications of the phone is the only difference between them. The best way to know which phone would be best for your sister would be to know what exactly she would use the phone for and get the phone according to that. If you do not know then I say go for the Samsung Grand its a phone which has average specifications nothing too fancy or low.

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