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Samsung Galaxy S5 price reduced

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    Default Samsung Galaxy S5 price reduced

    The Samsung S5 when released wad sold at a cost of Rs51500, but recently the price for the phone has been dropped significantly. According to online sites such as Flipkart, Amazon and IndiaTimesShopping they are now selling the Samsung S5 for around Rs40000, which is a drop of Rs10000.
    Other high end phones like the iPhone, HTC One and others like them have been priced at a similar rate from the start around Rs46000.
    Its a good decision, as the cost of the Samsung S5 was too high, and many thought that its better to go with someone brand as at least their phones were priced well.

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    In India 30-35k is the limit for the mass market. If they only want to sell to a handfull then price it at 45-50K and then end up reducing price to sell a few more. When you come down to 20K the game changes alltogether.

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    Rs51000 is way too much for a phone, its simply throwing money away. The same phone after a year wont even be worth Rs20000! I simply don't believe spending more than Rs20000 on a mobile phone.

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    One more S5 price reduced as now S6 is in the market and every time when new model come into market the previous price go down. I like the Iphone by the way as they have not built a large number of models but they focused on quality of the product with one model at a time.

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