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Controlling your TV and DTH using the Samsung Galaxy S5

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    Default Controlling your TV and DTH using the Samsung Galaxy S5

    A feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is being able to control your TV and your DTH service using WatchOn application and IR blaster.

    In order to control your TV and DTH follow the below instructions:

    - First you need to download the WatchOn application on your phone. Once this application has been downloaded you need to configure the settings according to your requirements.

    - Open the WatchOn application and select your country. In the list available India is not listed so you need to select some other country. You then need to select your TV brand and there is a variety of brands to choose from.

    - After this selection you will be asked to point your Galaxy S5 in front of the TV and tap on the buttons on the app. If this is successful then it means that the TV is supported by the app.

    - The next option will be to select your DTH provider, and you will need to follow the same procedure as selecting your TV.

    Once this is all set up according to you requirements, you are ready to use your Samsung Galaxy S5 as a control for your TV and DTH service.
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    Nice information, but why would someone want to control their TV and DTH services using their mobile phone when there is a remote to do it? I am sure it is much easier to control the TV and DTH service using the remote than the mobile phone.

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    The same reason why people use a remote instead of getting up to change the channel or change volume with the switches provided on TV. It is a matter of personal choice. Most people these days have their phones with them even when watching TV so why not have an option to control what you are watching from your mobile phone itself?

    Nice feature.

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    Very nice information! Thanks a lot! I usually lose the remote for the TV.
    I have been trying out some features of my S5 until now and can't seem to get it.

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    That is really cool. A mobile for everything is a good idea. Even mobile phones are gradually replacing cameras and watches. You can do almost everything with this tiny device. But I think a remote would be handy to control a TV. But yes, as mobile phone will be with you almost every time, you don't have to search for a remote to manage the TV shows. That is an added advantage indeed.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

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