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Tizen Vs Android

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    Default Tizen Vs Android

    Well, guys have you used Tizen operating system as far as I know that few months back Samsung lunched their new Samsung Z1 with Tizen operating System which actually looks like an Android one. According to me Tizen doesn't have that graphical appearance which we see it on Android phones but I haven't used at all maybe I will use it soon. So according you what's your opinion about these Tizen OS is there anyone here? who could tell me about the Tizen OS and their performance and interface.

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    Even though Tizen scores low on graphical appearance as you already mentioned, we cannot ignore its amazing capabilities. When compared to Android, Tizen is light weight and faster in startup. Tizen can support applications and games that need advanced 3D graphics. Tizen version 3 support 64-bit processors and I hope Android will catch-up soon.

    Even though in overall look Tizen is somewhat similar to Android, it is a big achievement for Samsung as it is considered at par with Android even at such a beginning stage. I am sure in days to come Tizen can pose a real threat to Android in mobile software market.
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    Tizen is a good concept. The only problem is that it will be very hard to make it a bigger platform. Android and IOS are too large in competition. Not even microsoft was able to launch windows phone successfully after all these years. I hope it does grow big, tizen is amazing.

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    For Tizen become an established system, it will need to have all the basic functions of all systems(IOS,Android and WP) and have many innovative things. In addition, simpler programming functionality so that developers do not have difficulties in creating apps that recurs in Windows Phone.

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