Yes, I feel Sify should use the above tagline in their advertisements for Home subscribers.

I am a Software Consultant from Hyderabad and need to interact with the clients at odd working hours. Hence I subscribed to Sify Broadband connection. I am using 256 kbps pack 1 GB per month @ 550 Rs./month. As I am using the Sify for one year now (I really donít have any options to switch to other providers as they are equally absurd), a am getting used to its problems and woes. Here are my another set of sify problems;

They should stop using ĎAlways ONí for their broadband connections. All they are relying on earlier cable operators who have switched to Sify and are servicing Sify clients. They donít have the infrastructure to service the clients.

1. Every morning I start the net connection, I am atleast 45% sure that the connection wont be available as some or the other problem would be there at the local service provider.
2. Forget any kind of high speed or service if you happen to live in an areas where many people are not subscribing to internet service from Sify. You are no more than a dirt crawling creature for Sify.
3. Such as the moment Power goes off, my net connection is off. There is no use of mine purchasing a UPS for 2 hrs battery backup at home.
4. Recently there was a thunderstorm in Hyderabad and a lot of lightening was happening in sky. There was a power surge from Sifyís internet cable which blew off my Hub and the LAN card. Only God knows if it could have made further damage to motherboard etc of my computer.
5. Any problem happens, I have to contact their Chennai call center. BTW, I still have to find more RUDER guys on this earth than many of Sify call center guys. Either those guys are really ******ed up in their life or Sify donít provide them proper training or they are working for very long hours. Also, the problem would be attended only after 2-3 days since the Chennai call center had to be after the local service provider guys.

I am mostly reduced to some casual surfing on my home internet connection than doing some serious stuff as there is not reliability in connectivity. There is some light at the tunnel end. Their connectivity speed is okay.

May God help Sify!! Amen.


My Ealier Review: Sify Account Renewal Misery
Sify R enewal M isery

I am a Software Consultant from Hyderabad and need to interact with the clients at odd working hours. Hence I subscribed to Sify Broadband connection.

I went for ?64 kbps unlimited pack? @695 Rs./month. I found the connection speed okay and it was pretty constant at about 55 kbps normally.

However, it is the worst kind of infrastructure they have for connection renewal. They have converted Local Cable Operators as their distributors in our area. Whenever I try to contact them for payment, either they switch off their phones or don?t answer.

In Feb 2005, my account expired on 7th. I informed the local operator about the renewal and he told me to call one day before. On 6th, I kept on trying but could not get through him over phone. Then I informed the Sify call center and they said that the account would be renewed and I can pay to local operator later.

On 7th, my account was duly disconnected due to non-payment. I called Sify call center and registered my complaint with a complaint number. The person said that the account would be restored in next half an hour. The entire day was worst nightmare as I kept on calling them, and till next day, i.e. till 8th feb, the net was not available.

Those, who are supposed to be online for work can understand the anguish and trauma I must have gone through. On 9th, the call center guys gave me a two day temporary connection as if they are doing a great favour to me, and asked me to pay in between. I again tried to locate the cable guy, but could not.

Then the call center guys asked me to renew through online on 11th Feb, and refused to extend my temporary connection. I tried and tried to renew my account through their online connection purchase link (, for almost entire day, but either the link was not opening, sometimes, page not found error, then sometimes, till I reach the payment page, the site was getting hanged.

Today is 12th, I am using dial up and trying to purchase again since 8 am for 2 hrs. The link was showing ?Page not found? error till 9.15. After that, even though the products were displaying, but the further links were not working.

You see, I am trying to renew my account since 3rd Feb till today i.e. 12th Feb, must have spent nearly 100 rupees in my phone bill and much more on my dial up account plus so much mental tension. I don?t know when my account would be renewed. Sify has a advantage that they are the only net provider in my locality. As soon as some alternate good provider becomes available, I would switch.

What a service from a NASDAQ listed company!!